Fashion has always played a significant role in Anita Vitek’s life, starting at an early age when she single-handedly made her own garment. Whilst studying Business Administration she was able to keep a particular focus on fashion, and travelling gave her the opportunity to broaden her horizons. The most defining moment was in Sydney where she studied fashion design and learnt more about sustainability. Anita Vitek designed and transformed a pair of trousers into a top, which was selected as one of the best sixteen designs in a competition.

For many years she worked in the fashion industry as a buyer and brand manager, where it was her responsibility to make decisions regarding the creative direction of brand collections and outlining marketing concepts. This made her realize that creativity and innovation was the direction she wanted to focus on and pursue in greater detail. It led her to create and establish the fashion brand Anita Vitek.

In her collections she focuses on versatility as this is where she sees the future in fashion. Feeling constrained on her travels when only being able to bring a limited amount of clothing, made her start developing innovative concepts. Being socially engaged with the brand’s profits, comes from her believe that market concepts need to incorporate all aspects of life and not just serve a certain customer but also society. Giving back to christian children’s organizations arises from her having a heart for children, and since she had a vital experience working at the University of the Nations in Hawaii at 18 years old.

The inspiration for her designs she takes primarily from nature and Anita is a strong believer and promoter that sustainability, can be inspiring, commercially viable, and trendy all in the same light. With her creative instincts and passion for fashion, she is convinced that the challenge of achieving greater levels of sustainability in fashion can be reached.