Anita Vitek - Change your Style

Anita Vitek is a contemporary womenswear brand founded in 2017. Innovative high fashion with distinctive detailing, Anita Vitek is known for her sophisticated multifunctional design concept. Inspired by a traveller’s notion of a minimalistic lifestyle whilst sustaining a personal style. Most fashion items are multipurpose, reversible and offer different silhouettes – all in one style. In addition, carefully crafted Add-ons including ruffles, sleeves, waistbands and bags play an integral role. The smart creations with a simple button system ensure compatibility amongst various styles in ongoing collections.

Anita Vitek likes to explore asymmetric lines to evolve classic silhouettes – always with the feminine form in mind. Consciously created with natural and eco-sustainable fibres for a cosmopolitan woman with a creative mindset, each design is approached with a keen focus on versatility. Always pushing the envelope of transformation, Anita Vitek is dedicated to the craft of creating something exceptional that will last forever.

Development of the idea

The foundation to Anita Vitek was laid when the designer took a trip to Colombia in late 2016. Recognising the difficulty in maintaining one’s personal style whilst travelling, she started exploring a fresh perspective. Nourishing the idea of a minimalistic lifestyle she placed interchangeability and individual creativity at the forefront of her brands vision.