Anita Vitek - Change your Style

Anita Vitek is a contemporary European label founded in 2017.

The brands innovative designs fuse effortless style with conscious functionality, providing the wearer with pieces that are not only sophisticated, but sustainable. 

Anita Vitek approaches every design with a keen focus on versatility, offering a fresh twist on high fashion trends. Combining sports luxe elements with chic style, Vitek has evolved classic silhouettes using asymmetric lines and distinctive detailing to deliver timeless looks that will elevate any closet. 

One of the most unique aspects of Anita Vitek is allowing the wearer to curate the way they express themselves through their look. Anita Vitek’s carefully crafted apparel is designed to be multifunctional: interchangeable garments that can be worn and combined in a multitude of ways.

Anita Vitek takes inspiration from her worldly travels. Recognising the difficulty in traveling while maintaining one’s personal style, she explored a fresh perspective on design; versatile garments that emphasis an individual look, adorned with a variety of add-ons including ruffles, sleeves, waistbands and bags. 

Two passions have remained at the forefront for Anita Vitek: fashion and the environment. A luxury brand going against the grain, Vitek’s approach to design reflects her passion to proclaim the creativity in fashion without jeopardising the well being of humankind and the environment. It was upon these values that Vitek founded her label, and her unyielding desire to protect our delicate ecosystem while contributing to the design world birthed the concept behind the brand: Multifunctional and versatile pieces that never go out of style. 

Anita Vitek demonstrates excellence in craftsmanship, proudly using natural and eco-sustainable fibers that are not only kind to Mother Earth, but improve longevity of the garment. Each material is carefully selected, luxurious fabrics that feel as good against your skin as they do to the environment. Each style has been designed with the feminine form in mind. Compatible with our ever changing environment, Anita Vitek’s versatile capsule collection of refined designs and sophisticated elements allow the wearer to create one’s unique style, timeless looks perfect for any occasion.

Alongside sustainability, Anita Vitek places importance in taking on social responsibility, supporting various foundations that nurture development in the youth of underprivileged communities. Vitek has been determined since the founding of her brand to execute the ideology that together we can make a difference. The world is our home to sustain, the next generation is ours to nurture.

Anita Vitek and her brand’s philosophy encompasses one’s desire to express in an ever changing world. Each collection will take you on a journey in wholesome celebration of nature, style, culture, feminism and ultimately, life.