Anita Vitek - Change your Style

Anita Vitek is a contemporary European womenswear label founded in 2017. The brands innovative designs fuse effortless style with conscious functionality, providing the wearer with pieces that are not only sophisticated, but sustainable. 

Development of the idea

Anita Vitek approaches every design with a keen focus on versatility, aspiring to develop a continuous wardrobe. The foundation to Anita Vitek was laid when the designer took a trip to Colombia in late 2016. Recognising the difficulty in maintaining one’s personal style whilst travelling, she started exploring a fresh perspective. Nourishing the idea of a minimalistic lifestyle she placed interchangeability and individual creativity at the forefront of her brands vision. 

Add-on concept

For Anita Vitek it resulted in the development of a design concept where carefully crafted add-ons including ruffles, sleeves, waistbands and bags play the integral role. Her smart creations with a simple button system ensure compatibility amongst various styles in ongoing collections. Beyond this she nurtures our wish of staying at the pulse of fashion. The possibility to evolve classic designs is furthered through add-ons and lets the wearer explore elegance and sporty elements. Therewith Vitek found the perfect solution to make clothing more unique to the wearer as well as more compatible to a fast paced lifestyle.

Design aesthetic

Anita Vitek‘s design aesthetic combines multifunctionality with a fresh twist on high fashion trends. Overall combining sports luxe elements with chic style. Vitek evolves classic silhouettes by using asymmetric lines and distinctive detailing. Her signature designs incorporate linen panels and details that make the styles truly luxurious. Always the feminine form in mind she draws inspiration from her worldly travels, leading her to be influenced by many cultures.

Natural textiles and production in Europe

Anita Vitek demonstrates excellence in craftsmanship, proudly using natural and eco-sustainable fibers that are not only kind to Mother Earth. Natural fabrics including linen, organic cotton and lyocell are carefully hand selected to make each Anita Vitek design luxurious while providing maximum comfort. The breathable and durable materials are mainly sourced in Europe. Anita Vitek works closely with independent ateliers in Europe to create her collections.

Social responsibility

Alongside sustainability, Anita Vitek places importance in taking on social responsibility, supporting various foundations that nurture development in the youth of underprivileged communities. Vitek has been determined since the founding of her brand to execute the ideology that together we can make a difference. The world is our home to sustain, the next generation is ours to nurture.

Anita Vitek and her brand’s philosophy encompasses one’s desire to express in an ever changing world. Vitek’s approach to design reflects her passion to proclaim the creativity in fashion without jeopardising the well being of humankind and the environment. Each collection will take you on a journey in wholesome celebration of nature, style, culture, feminism and ultimately, life.