Anita Vitek strongly believes that we are one community and that creativity connects us. We want to use fashion as a tool to bring people together and advocate the importance of keeping the balance in our society.

Misery pains us. As individuals and as an organization we have the responsibility to support each other therefore we want to give part of our profits to social organizations that care for children. These fragile individuals need our support more than anyone.

We have partnered with Bettaway Community Church in Delft/Cape Town, South Africa to help provide after school programs and nurture the creative development of underprivileged kids. We have met up with Brittany Dyer who is putting her time and heart into serving the community in Delft. We personally experienced the beauty of the work that has been set in motion and being able to support the work of Bettaway Community Church is going to be incredibly rewarding. Well connected with Brittany, we want to provide insights into the positive changes we will be able to achieve through sustainable clothing.