With Anita Vitek’s fashion you create your own style. The womenswear label specializes in creating a multi-functional and interchangeable wardrobe that emphasizes both sporty and chic elements. The mission is to make fashion versatile, trendy, and more sustainable!

The brand slogan “Change Your Style” represents the changeability of clothing. Changeability in clothing can be achieved by following the Anita Vitek approach of adding on straps or frills, or through reversibility. Anita Vitek’s fashion is compatible for any moment and it provides an answer to our fast paced, constantly changing environment. The result of it is a capsule collection with a small number of refined designs that give you the option to create a variety of timeless and trendy looks.

Corporate social responsibility is a firmly established part of Anita Vitek’s philosophy. The goal is to bring people together through creativity and significantly change our environment and society for the better. Anita Vitek gives part of the profits that are made through sales of the add-on garments to provide after school programs and nurture creative development of underprivileged kids.

With Anita Vitek you can “Change your Style” in fashion as well as having a positive impact on society and the environment.