Anita Vitek’s designs are inspired by nature and the concept of changeability originates in a traveller’s lifestyle. Anita Vitek approaches design decisions in an environmentally conscious way, the key element being changeability and customisation. The capsule collection evolves in a sophisticated range of modern timeless basics that can be modified into trend-pieces. The core forming long lasting, indispensable essentials.

The collection is made entirely out of natural textiles and focusses on Lyocell, GOTS certified Organic Cotton and Linen. Anita Vitek sees the beauty of the texture as a vital part of their unique characteristics that add to a particular look. The clothing not only has great functionality aspects with its breathability and durability, but it also has a great, natural feel on the skin. Frequent design details such as buttons, are chosen on a natural bases – vegetable ivory or wooden buttons play the main role in the collections.

The manufacturing process goes through independent sewing rooms that keep their focus on great craftsmanship. Appreciation and fairness come first in Anita Vitek’s work ethics towards associates. Creating the best product possible in harmony with people and nature.